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An Alien Has Invaded My Body!!

September 14, 2018





 That is exactly how it feels; like an alien has invaded my body.  Not while it is being administered.  I don't feel anything at all except the stab through the port at the beginning but that is short lived.


It's the after.  Sometimes...


  • it all starts the next day

  • it all starts a few days later

  • I have two really productive, git 'er done type of days 

  • I can't do diddly squat

  • I'm so tired, I can't get off the couch for days

  • my body aches terribly

  • I lose my hair

  • I fall asleep quickly and sleep through the night

  •  I wake up two hours later and can't get back to sleep

  • I can't sleep at all

  • all I can do is sleep

  • I feel nauseous

  • food does not taste good

  • even water tastes awful

  • no food sounds appealing

  • my bowels can't decide whether they want to retain or purge (I know, T.M.I. but you wanted the good, the bad and the stinky)

  • my hands and feet tingle and feel numb

  • my skin feels weird when scrubbing in the shower 

  • my muscles are so weak, I can't stand for very long

  • I am fatigued

  • I create a self-imposed mental and physical isolation

  • I feel sad, discouraged, alone


Also, sometimes...


  • I remember that I am not alone

  • I go for a walk

  • I go for coffee with a friend

  • a friend visits me at home

  • I go to a movie

  • people call/text/e-mail/Facebook/Messenger me

  • I hang out with my sister

  • I go on date night with my Hun Bun 

  • I go for a picnic in the park

  • I go for a drive and sing along to the radio

  • I sit under my apple tree in the backyard and read and maybe nap

  • I listen to the sound of the wind in the leaves 

  • I hear the baby birds in our bird house

  • I hear and see a woodpecker in our front yard tree

  • I sit on the front step and just enjoy the feel of the sun on my face

  • I forget to talk to God

  • I talk to God

  • I remember that everything in life is a gift - even the hard times



  • I am a child of God 

  • He loves me

  • I will get through this

  • I am grateful, thankful and blessed  











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