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To Shave or Not To Shave... That is the Question... Part 1...

July 14, 2018

On this, the eve of my hair appointment, I have a dilemma.  I usually look forward to my hair appointment because I get rid of the nasty grey roots, I get a really fun and cool hair colour, I get my head massaged (LOVE!), I get to see and chat with Monika and I get to spend the day with my little sister.


Well, the last couple of days my hair has started falling out.  Not in clumps or anything but when I run my fingers through my hair, they come out hairy.  I knew this was going to happen as a bunch of "theys" told me it would start falling out around the second week of my first round of chemo which as it turned out, would be right in time for my monthly hair appointment.  I thought perfect! I will just get my head shaved and be done with it.  A long time ago, I asked the LOVELY AND TALENTED Monika at Rock It Out Salon (AMAZING PLACE!) if she would be the one to shave my head so everything was set for the head shave. 


Enter The Dilemma


My head is by no means patchy and most people wouldn't even notice the hair loss.  But, the hair is coming out at an alarming rate.  Do I just get it cut shorter as a transition as Nic suggested?  Do I go ahead and just colour it purple one last time cause that's what I really want to do?  Do I wait until it is falling out in clumps and I'm waking up to a hairy husband and pillow?  Do I just bite the bullet and get 'er done?  What will I look like bald?  Which would be more traumatic?  Finding hair on my pillow every morning, having it blow away in the wind, having it come off in my hands or just shaving it off?  None of those sound very appealing to me.


Talking about your hair falling out in the future and having your hair falling out every time youtouch it are two VERY different things.  I thought I was mentally prepared for the the head shave but I was wrong.  Three or four weeks ago, we visited the wig shop at the Cross to see what type of selection they had.  We had a good laugh trying on wigs.  Some I could pull off.  Some I definitely couldn't.  They asked me if I wanted to get my head shaved that day.  I said "Umm NO.  Not ready for that!"  I'm still not really ready for that.  Is one ever really ready to get their head shaved?  Part of me asks why delay the inevitable?  Part of me says zip it Skippy!  What do you know?  


Brad made a good point though when we were discussing it.  He said look at it this way, it's not permanent.  This is true.  Plus I might get curly or wavy hair in exchange when it grows back.  And who knows, maybe it will come in purple!!  Wouldn't that be hoot!  God, I know you're listening.  If anyone can make it happen, it's You.  I'll take an order of purple beach wavy hair please and thank You.


Well my friends, thanks for listening.  I still don't have an answer, however, my spirit feels a little lighter now that I've gotten that off my chest.  I will sleep on it and pray about it and hopefully have an answer in the morning.  Hmmm...  Maybe I already do...







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