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We are all told “Live your life to the fullest”.  I am here to do just that. Mitch's Journey serves as a vessel to share my experiences and my ups and downs during this time.  A way to keep those close to me in the loop.  I value your friendships and prayers more than most of you can imagine so THANK YOU  for both.  Mooah! <3


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November 6, 2018

The last time we were together, I was going for my final chemo treatment and seeing the surgeon.  I'm happy to report that the last round of chemo was uneventful and the side effects were almost non-existent.  I'm glad my body gave me a break because the emotional aspe...

October 12, 2018

So, I had almost finished this whole blog which was a bit longer and then lost it at 12:43 a.m.  I'm too tired to be really choked but I'm somewhat choked.  Brad's been telling me to go to bed for the past 2 hours but I really want to get this out so if at some point i...

September 28, 2018

In honour of Chemo #5, which was just a little over a week ago on Wednesday, September 19th, I decided to pen a little ditty which I shared on my Mitch's Journey Facebook page.  I forgot to share my song, well, not really MY song, on my blog so that those of you who ar...

September 14, 2018


That is exactly how it feels; like an alien has invaded my body.  Not while it is being administered.  I don't feel anything at all except the stab through the port at the beginning but that is short lived.

It's the after.  Sometimes...

  • it all start...

August 29, 2018

I’ve been struggling.  There.  I said it.  It’s out now.  This is why I’ve been so quiet.

Why is it so hard to admit that?  Why do we (I) as human beings struggle with admitting that we (I am) are struggling?  Why do we (I) think it is better to retreat i...

July 25, 2018

I did it.  Well, technically, Monika did it.  Friday.  Late afternoon. 

What made me decide you ask?  Well, by Friday, I hadn't washed my hair yet which was almost a week since getting it dooed and it was time.  I procrastinated for as long as I could bec...

July 16, 2018

I couldn't do it.  I couldn't even decide. 

I am usually the first to sit in the chair on hair day.  Mostly because my appointment is at 9 am and Nic isn't there.  On this day, my beautiful seester picked me up so that I wouldn't have to be alone if the shave was o...

July 14, 2018

On this, the eve of my hair appointment, I have a dilemma.  I usually look forward to my hair appointment because I get rid of the nasty grey roots, I get a really fun and cool hair colour, I get my head massaged (LOVE!), I get to see and chat with Monika and I get to...

The morning after the diagnosis, I woke way earlier than I should have for a Saturday morning.  My first thought upon awakening was "I have breast cancer."  Quite a sobering thought for 5:30 in the morning.  I just wanted to go back to sleep and forget about it for a w...

July 3, 2018

Pastor Bob asked me to guest blog on North Pointe Community Church's - BEST CHURCH EVER!! - blog.  Read it here...

Actually, they are a COME AS YOU ARE church but I think they are the BEST CHURCH EVER!! Maybe they would consider changing their tag line...  If you've ev...

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